Why is My Video Converter Not Working? Keeps Crashing?

Diana Joan

Jun 28, 2017 03:14 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Everyone loves video converter which can solve all kind of video format compatibility issue. Are you using your video converter smoothly? Have you started to experience unexpected and various video converter issues? for example: When you want to convert AVI to MP4 in video converter, this software keeps crashing. Or the video conversion process is going, suddenly, video converter stops working. Worst of all, some video converter won't open or cannot be started, even you restart PC and video converter again, no longer response. Following will solve your confusion.

Video Converter Not Working? Keeps Crashing? Won't Open?

Compatible with operating system: Some video converter can't support all Windows or Mac operating system. For example: You video converter only can support Windows 7 and 8, if you update operating system toWindows10, then open the video converter, you may meet video vonverter not working or keep crashing problem.

Third party program conflict: There is a another possibility that some third party program installed on the computer is conflicting with the total video converter, you can do this to prevent this issue: Install the software to a different location on your computer, as in a different drive if you have one, and not the default C.

Version Conflict: At present, more and more video converters are keeping updating, users like to get the latest video converter and update new video converter based on the old version. In fact, this action is little dangerous, you need to clean all old video converter programs, then download and install this software again.

Batch Video conversion: Some video converter softwares can't support batch video conversion, some are limited to the video quantity, if you do several hundreds of videos conversion, your video converter will crash too.

Not Whole installation package: Not all the video converter is in one file, the installation is complicated, you just install one, not the whole files. You may need to check the video converter all installation files and install again.

Best Video Converter, No Crash, No Conflict

Why can't choose a powerful and perfect video converter without crash, conflict? Want to get one? Try Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate boldly which is used by 1000+ users and no never get a problem today. This software can support Windows and Mac operating system well, lower WIndows and Mac version cab be supported, even the latest Windows 10 and macOS Sierra, this video converter can work on them smoothly. Mention the installation, don't worry about any package problems, just clik the download button and wait for 1 minutes, then click the next, next, choose the software save location, 2 minutes, you can experience the best, safe, clean video converter. Following will introduce this software in detail.

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How to Know and Use the Best Video Converter Within 3 minutes?

Main Interface-Top Buttons: After the installation, open this video converter by double click, you can find the interface is easy, just some buttons and right and left window, no any complicated and professional words you can't understand.

Format which is used to import video, you even can load the DVD and Blu-ray disc to this software.

Edit: No doubt, you can edit your video and create your own special video, you can trim or cut video clips, crop video file size, add video/image/transparent watermark, add external srt/ass/ssa subtitles to video, etc.

Tools: Open Tools, you can choose software language, skin, even you can choose Option and set the GPU decode and encode acceleration, this software can support GPU acceleration.

Help: You can choose Help and enter the official FAQ website and find some confusions you are thinking, or you can choose Bug Report to send your problems to service.

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Video Conversion-Bottom Buttons: A video converter basic task is to convert video to video. At the bottom, you can find some buttons, how to take full use of them and convert video to video? Follow me:

Video formats choice: Click Format button, you can find many video formats are here, about 250+ output video formats are waiting for you to select. Even you are a beginner, you also can choose the profiles, for example: You want to play video on iPad, ypu can choose iPad name, then choose your iPad type, you also can choose your TV for playing video. Other options are decided by you.

Video save location: After choosing the video, you need to choose a matched output video save location, the direct way is to choode your PC hard drive. You also can inert USB, external hard drive, connect your iPhone to PC and so on, then choose these devices as the save location.

Setting feature: You may ignore the setting button, click it and open another video world, you can know your video information in deep, such as: video codec, video resolution, video frame, video bitrate, etc, You also can adjust the audio codec, audio sample rate, audio channels, etc.

Convert button: Just import video and choose the video formats, then how to start to convert? easily, click Convert button, you will skip to convert window, wait for a while, you can get your desired video files. By the way, you can add a folder which holds many video files and do batch video conversion for saving more time and energy.

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So simple! Some users are eager to know how to backup or convert DVD and Blu-ray? You are so luck to find this software, the DVD and Blu-ray operating steps are similar to video, now, you have known 95% of this software, 5% is waiting for you to explore.

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