How to Play Blu-ray/DVD/Video on Google Cardboard with 3D Effect?

Diana Joan

Aug 31, 2015 07:46 am / Posted by Diana Joan

The Google Cardboard aims at developing accessible virtual reality (VR) tools to allow everyone to enjoy VR in a simple, fun, and natural way. The Cardboard SDKs for Android and Unity enable you to quickly start creating VR apps or adapt your existing application for VR.

Watch 3D video on Google Cardboard

How to watch 3D videos on Google Cardboard

With Google Cardboard and the YouTube Android app, you can now watch 360 degree videos on iOS 8.0 and above.

To watch your own videos on Cardboard with 3D effect, you can download a free app called Cardboard theater, which allows you to enjoy your own 2D and 3D movies in a virtual cinema. Just upload your movies on the phone or open them directly from a browser or a 3rd party application and load the videos with this app and then enjoy.

Supported file formats by Cardboard theater

Cardboard theater supports SBS, Over/Under and Red-Cyan anaglyph formats as well as plain 2D movies in all formats originally supported by your phone.

Play any video files on Cardboard with 3D effect

To watch any incompatible file formats such as Blu-ray, DVD, AVCHD, MXF, Tivo, etc video files on Google Cardboard in 3D effect, you will need to convert these file formats to Google Cardboard supported 3D SBS/Top and Bottom/Red-Cyan formats. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, a comprehensive tool that's capable of converting various media files to 3 different 3D formats to watch on Google Cardboard and also other Virtual Reality devices including Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Zeiss VR One, etc.

Step by step to convert any video to Google Cardboard playable 3D formats

Step 1: Import video.

Insert your video files or load 2D/3D Blu-ray or DVD disc to the program.

Load video files or blu-ray/dvd disc

Step 2: Output Cardboard compatible 3d format.

Tap on "Format" bar and find "3D Video", there are a lot of format options for you. You can choose the output 3D format according to your phone, here "MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mp4)" is recommended.

Output 3D effect video

Step 3: Convert Blu-ray/DVD/Video to Google Cardboard SBS 3D MP4.

Hit right-bottom "Convert" button to start the conversion process.

When the conversion, transfer the generated files to your phone to watch on Cardboard with the Cardboard theater app.

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