How to Digitize Blu-ray Collection for Better Storage and Playing?

Diana Joan

Nov 30, 2016 04:48 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Nowadays, more and more people choose to enjoy movies and TV shows streamed from online sites, however, there are still a lot of people show great favor to physical Blu-ray disc. Not only due to the its high video/audio quality and large capacity, but also the additional content such as additional commentaries behind the scenes that is not available on DVD disc or online movies. Enjoying physical Bluy-ray disc with home Blu-ray player on your large screen TV can be quite fantastic, however, sometimes, we still wish to digitize the Blu-ray collection for the following reasons:
- Physical Blu-ray disc takes a lot of space of your room shelf, in addition, it would be take a long time for you to pick your unwanted disc.
- Physcial Blu-ray disc can easily get damaged or scratched, it would be essential to backup Blu-ray to digital formats for a safe backup.
- It would be a great burden for you to take them all especially when you are travelling, it would be much more convenient for you to digitize Blu-ray into media formats for storing on external portable drive for viewing on smartphone, tablets or computer when travelling.

Digitize Blu-ray collection

What you will need to digitize Blu-ray collection?

- A Blu-ray drive
This is pretty obvious; you won't get far if your computer can't read Blu-Ray discs. You can get them for as low as $60 now on Newegg if don't already have one.

- An external hard drive
Blu-ray are very big, A Blu-ray disc can hold up to 25GB on a single-layer disc and 50GB on a dual-layer disc. And the capacity of the hard drive depends on the Blu-ray movies you're ripping and the quality you want in the final movie file. An external hard drive from 30 to 60GB will work just fine. If you have large collection of Blu-ray disc for ripping, then you can use this handy dandy equation: number of blu-rays x 27= total amount of GB of hard drive space you'll need.

- A Blu-ray Ripper software
There are many Blu-ray Ripper software on the market, but only few of them has the capability to handle store purchased commercial Blu-ray disc. After a lot of online comparison and testing, we finally setttled on Pavtube ByteCopy, the program keeps constant update with perfect support for the new Blu-ray encryption such as MKB61 and MKB62 used on many recently released Blu-ray disc. As for the most important Blu-ray digitizing function, the program can cater to your great demands by offering various different options to digitize Blu-ray in various different ways:
- A full disc copy of Blu-ray in original structure with no quality loss.
- A fast main movie copy of Blu-ray without unwanted ads, trailer, comments, reviews, warning and titbits, etc.
- Lossless digital copy of Blu-ray in Multi-track MKV format with your desired subtitle languages, audio tracks well preserved for playing on WD TV or JRiver Media Center.
- Rip Blu-ray to popular digital file formats such as MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV for better viewing on media players or portable devices.
- Directly output Blu-ray to various popular devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or tablets, Windows Phone/tablets, game consoles, TVs, TV-Set boxes, etc preset profile formats with the optimal playback settings.
- Create 3D movie with SBS/TAB/Anaglyph mode from 2D/3D Blu-ray disc with the format of MP4/MKV/MOV/AVI/WMV for playing on VR Headsets, 3D TV or 3D video player apps.

This cross-platform application is available on both Windows and Mac, you can download the Mac verison - Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac to digitize Blu-ray collection on Mac OS X El Capitan or macOS Sierra.

Step by Step to Digitize Blu-ray Collection in Various Different Ways

Step 1: Load Blu-ray disc into the program.

Run the program on your computer, insert the Blu-ray disc into an external Blu-ray drive. Click "File" > "Load from disc" to load Blu-ray disc into the program. Apart from Blu-ray disc, you can also use the program to rip Blu-ray folder and ISO image file.

Load Blu-ray disc

Step 2: Output different digital file format.

Full disc copy

Make a full disc copy by hitting the full disc copy icon on the top tool bar of the main interface.

Main movie copy

From "Format" bar, select "Copy" > "Direct Copy" to copy the main movie of the Blu-ray/DVD disc.

Main movie copy

Lossless Multi-track MKV copy

Get a complete MKV output from Blu-ray/DVD by following "Multi-track Video" > "Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV(*.mkv)" with all the subtitle languages and audio tracks.

Lossless multi-track MKV copy

Tips: Click "Settings" on the main interface to open "Multi-task Settings" window, all audio tracks from the source files are checked and to be saved in the output MKV container by default, if there are some audio tracks you don't like, uncheck and remove them under the "Audio" tab.

Output digital file formats or device preset profile formats
From "Format" bar drop-down list, select one of your desired file formats or device preset profile formats according to your own needs.

Output Blu-ray to digital file formats

Step 3: Begin the Blu-ray digitizing process.

After finishing all the settings, go back to the main interface, press the right-bottom "Convert" button to start Blu-ray to your desired digital file format conversion process.

When the conversion is completed, click "Open output folder", a window will pop out with all your converted files. You will then be able to copy the converted Blu-ray files to external hard drive or transfer and view on different portable devices.

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