Share or Burn ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

Monica Pavtube

Aug 27, 2014 08:13 am / Posted by Monica Pavtube

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is becoming a pop culture around the world, and during this summer, people from all walks of life have taken part in this charitable activity to raise public awareness of the disease ALS. During the Ice Bucket Challenge, ice and water are basic materials, and another essential tool is a camera, camcorder, smartphone, or tablet to record the whole process of dumping a bucket of cold ice water on the participant’s head, feeling how ALS patients feel and what the next participant is.


When uploading the recorded Ice Bucket Challenge videos to the network to share the awareness and charitable spirit with others, you may come across problems like video uploading failure and will be warned there is something wrong with the format of your Ice Bucket Challenge video. Well, you’re advised to use a video converter Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate to transcode the recorded Ice Bucket Challenge videos to the video format that is compatible with the websites like Youtube to which you’re ready to upload the challenge video.

How to upload Ice Bucket Challenge videos for sharing & burning?

Step 1. Add Ice Bucket Challenge videos

Launch the video converter on PC and click “File” to import the recorded ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos to it. And it only takes you a few seconds to finish the loading process.


Step 2. Choose website compatible video format

Before uploading the recorded Ice Bucket Challenge videos, please check types of video formats supported by the video website to which you’d like to upload. Then click the format bar to follow “Common Video” under which you can find most used common video formats. For instance, the biggest video website Youtube accepts videos uploaded in most container formats, including AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, DivX, FLV, etc.


Step 3. Edit Ice Bucket Challenge videos (Optional)

You can also put editing elements into your Ice Bucket Challenge video by adding text/image/video watermarks, inserting subtitles, adding special effects, trimming and cropping, etc. Click “Edit” to go to the “Video Editor” interface to edit the challenge video.


Step 4. Convert Ice Bucket Challenge videos

Click “Click” button on bottom right corner to make conversion Ice Bucket Challenge videos converted.

Now your Ice Bucket Challenge videos have been in the video format compatible with the video website, upload the converted videos to it and share both the Ice Bucket Challenge video and public awareness of ALS with your friends and everyone throughout the world.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is all about charity and here is a feasible way for you to keep the Challenge videos and make them a piece of unforgettable memory: making Ice Bucket Challenge DVDs and you’ll find no difficulty burning videos into a DVD disc with Pavtube DVD Creator.

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