Stream Blu-ray/DVD to TV via Roku 4 With Best Formats and Settings

Diana Joan

Apr 05, 2016 08:45 am / Posted by Diana Joan

Stream Blu-ray/DVD to TV via Roku 4 with best formats and settings

"I am in the process of trying to figure out what are the best settings to rip my BluRays and DVD for backup so that I can project them on my big screen TV. By the way, I’m streaming using a Roku 4. I would like to know for which format and what are recommended settings such as bit rate, frame rate, etc to rip my Blu-rays and DVDs for backup."

Roku 4

3 different ways to play local media on TV via Roku 4

With Roku’s new set-top box, we can easily stream our personal media to TV with the following 3 ways:
USB media player: The Roku 4 offers an official channel to take care of our plug-and-play needs. Just plug in your USB drive, open the USB Media Player channel and browse through your movies, music and pictures.
The USB Media Player channel (like most Roku channels), are limited by the Roku’s playback support. Mainly, this means you can play MP4, M4V and MKV files.
Plex: The easiest way to play your media on TV via Roku 4 is to connect it to Plex Media Server. Once you’ve set up the media server on your computer, you can start streaming your media over your local network to the Plex channel on your Roku. If your media is supported by Roku, it’ll stream the files as-is. However, even if your files are not supported (AVI videos come to mind), Plex will transcode your media on the fly.
PlayTo: If you’re the owner of an Android tablet, PlayTo is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass by. PlayTo is almost like AirPlay for Android and Roku. To get started you’ll need to install both the Roku PlayTo channel and the Android companion app. Using the app on your Android device, you can browse various channels.
Tips: PlayTo is not limited to pushing Internet media around. Any home UPnP/DLNA media servers are also spotted (including Plex, which was discussed above). Using PlayTo, you can very easily push content from a home media server to your Roku. Again, you’re limited by Roku’s supported filetypes, unless you have media centersoftware that’s able to transcode the video, like Plex.

Bypass copy & region protection from Blu-ray/DVD

Which way do you prefer to stream Blu-ray/DVD movies to TV via Roku 4? No matter which way you choose, the first job is to remove the copy & region protection from Blu-ray/DVD disc. Here, a stand-lone and workable solution called Pavtube BDMagic (Top 5 Blu-ray Rippers Review)is recommended to you, the program is a combo function of Blu-ray & DVD ripping tool to effectively remove all protection from both Blu-ray & DVD disc, so that you can backup your disc movies to hard drive for personal usage.

Which format to rip Blu-ray/DVD for streaming to TV via Roku

Officially, the Roku 4 supports H.265/HEVC (.MKV, MP4, .MOV), VP9(.MKV) video (Roku supported formats), meaning that’s the only media recognized over USB and Plex’s directly player. Here, you can still utilize our program to encode Blu-ray or DVD for Roku 4 USB or Plex streamed formats listed above. Make sure that the output file formats should also be compatible with your TV.
Tips: H.265/HEVC codec is mainly used on most 4K TVs, such as Samsung 4K TV, Vizio M, etc.

For Mac users, please feel free to download Pavtube BDMagic for Mac(support Mac OS X El Capitan) to get the job completed.

How to Stream Blu-ray/DVD to TV via Roku 4 with Best Settings?

Step 1: Load Blu-ray/DVD disc to the program.

Insert your DVD disc into your computer’s optical drive, for loading Blu-ray disc, there should be an internal or external Blu-ray drive. Then launch the program on your computer, click "File" > "Load from disc" to load Blu-ray/DVD disc into the program. When both Blu-ray or DVD exists, the software will load DVD.

Load Blu-ray/DVD disc

Tips: You can select your desired subtitles and audio tracks for output Blu-ray and DVD movies on the chapters displaying panel.

Step 2: Choose output file format.
Click "Format" bar, from its drop-down option, select both Roku USB and Roku Plex app supported streaming formats from "Common Video" > "H.265 Video (*.mp4)", you can also select to output other formats according to your TV supported formats specifications.

Output Roku 4 Plex or USB drive supported streaming formats

Step 3: Customize output profile parameters.
Click settings to open "Profile Settings" window, here you can flexibly adjust output video/audio codec, file resolution, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, etc according to your own situations.

Step 4: Start Blu-ray/DVD to Roku 4 ripping process.
One click the big button "Convert" on bottom-right corner to start conversion.
Once finishing conversion, you can stream converted files from Roku 4 to TV either through your external USB drive or the Plex Media Server.

Stream local video from Roku 4 to TV

Besides commercial Blu-ray/DVD disc, you have also own large collection of movies or TV shows downloaded from online sites or store. To stream incompatible common video file from Roku 4 to TV, you can utilized our powerful media conversion tool Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows/Mac to transcode all file formats to Roku 4 streamed formats listed above.

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