5 Ways to Stream and Play TV Series DVD on TV

Diana Joan

Jul 27, 2016 08:22 am / Posted by Diana Joan

For people who have purchased a completed TV series DVD such as Angel or Buffy, there are many different ways for you to watch them on TV, the following article will introduced them to you one by one.

Play TV Series DVD on TV

5 ways to stream/play TV series DVD on TV

1. DVD player

One of the most common way to play TV series DVD on TV is through your standard DVD players. You can connect DVD player to TV with the steps below:
1. Turn off the power to your TV.
2. Connect your DVD player by plugging in the audio/video input jacks. Plug one end of the three-pronged cord that came with the DVD player into the terminals on the TV marked Line In. The colors on the plugs correspond to the colors in the TV terminals.
3. Plug the other end of the cord into the terminals on the DVD player markedLine Out. Again, insert the plugs into the terminals with corresponding colors.
4. Plug the AC power cord into an electrical outlet in the wall. Always plug in the power cord after you have connected all the other plugs. Connecting the electricity first may set the TV channels incorrectly.
5. Refer to the user manual to change the language display on the DVD screen, if necessary.
6. Check that the clock is set correctly. If the clock doesn't set itself, refer to the user manual to manually change the time.
7. Insert a DVD into the player to see if your connection was successful. Remember that DVDs come with menus, so they will not play automatically. You must use the remote control to select the desired options.

Notes: If your DVD player is multi-zone, it will play TV series DVD from all countries, however, if your DVD player is region locked, it can only play TV series DVD purchased in that particular region code. If the region code of your DVD player and TV series DVD don't match, the disc will not play. Fortunately, you can use a DVD Ripping program such as Pavtube DVDAid for Windows/Mac to remove region code from DVD for playing on DVD players without any limitation.

2. Connect computer to TV using HDMI cable

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is an audio/video instrument used to transfer video and audio data from one HDMI-compliant source to another. If you have an HDMI port in your TV and computer along with an HDMI cable, connect the cable from your computer to your TV and watch your video on your TV. If properly connected, what happens here then is that your computer acts as a playback device while your television acts as the monitor/screen. Insert your TV series DVD into the laptop and select a DVD player software such as VLC to start watching.

3. USB or external hard drive devices

If your TV has a USB port, there's a good chance you might be able to watch your TV series DVD on TV with a USB flash drive. In order to play your TV series DVD, you must rip and convert TV series DVD to TV recognizes file types such as AVI, Divx, MP4, MKV, etc (which can be found by the user manual provided by your TV manufacturer) with the DVD Ripping program Pavtube DVDAid mentioned above. If you happen to own a Samsung/Sony/Panasonic/LG brand TV, you can also use this program to output TV preset profile formats with the best optimized playback settings such as video codec, bit rate, frame rate, resolution or audio codec, bit rate, sample rate and channels.

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4. Plex Media Server

The Plex app for Smart TV app is now available on a wide range of television models by multiple manufacturers. If your TV are included in Plex supported television models such as Sony Bravia TV, Vizio Televison, etc, then you have to stream TV series DVD via Plex app to TV. As the Plex app for TV uses playback systems provided by the TV manufacturer, therefore, you will need to rip TV series DVD to TV compatible file formats. Although Plex has the capability to automatically transcode unsupported content for you, however, you may find that it lacks the ability to handle commercial TV series DVD. You still need to use our DVD Ripper program - Pavtube DVDAid to rip TV series DVD to TV compatible file formats

5. Chromecast

One of the Chromecast's best features is the ability to "cast" tabs or even your entire computer's desktop. To get started, you need a Chromecast, you also need to use Google Chrome and install the Google Cast extension. With your extension installed, you can start casting, which is more akin to mirroring. Get TV series DVD ripped to Chrome supported formats such as MP4, drop the converted files into the Chrome browser and Chrome can play that video file back in a tab. To cast the browser tab to TV, click the "Google Cast" button in Chrome. Select the Chromecast you want from the dropdown menu and your Chrome tab will appear on your TV's screen (just make sure you've turned your TV to the correct input).

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