Playing 3D Videos on HTC Vive Focus

Diana Joan

Dec 14, 2017 06:33 am / Posted by Diana Joan

In 2018, we can get much news and gifts, HTC takes the big gift to many 3D fans, we all know the HTV Vive is an excellent VR headset, you can get the perfect 3D experience, but it's not enough, HTC has released the HTC Vive Focus which can be the a standalone VR headset for the Chinese market. The Focus will be with the first shipments being sent out in January 2018. Have you prepared the enough money for it?

Most users must have gotten this cute baby- HTC Vive Focus, how do you play the 3D videos on HTC Vive Focus?  The HTC Vive Focus doesn't need to be connected to a gaming PC or use external sensors to work. Instead, all the technology is built into the headset itself, you'll find both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with support for Miracast, allowing users to stream the VR experience to the TV. Have you prepared the multiple 3D videos for playing on  HTC Vive Focus by the TV? We will send you the best 3D gift: Getting free 3D videos from the common videos you have watched. (Best 3D Movies)

Why Choose the 3D Video Converter for HTC Vive Focus?

  1. 3D video converter can save you much time and money, you don't need to spend time on searching for the 3D videos any more.
  2. You can take full use of the movies you have and watch them again with different video effefct-3D video effect.
  3. For DVD and Blu-ray collectors, you can get multiple 3D videos and get special video experience
  4. You also can get the digital 3D Blu-ray videos for HTC Vive Focus.
  5. Gte the best 3D video formats for HTC Vive Focus

There are many other benefits if you choose the 3D video converter, you can play any 3D videos on HTC Vive Focus without any video and codec incompatibility trouble, you don't need to downlaod the 3D videos from the free 3D video download websites, you also don't worry about the poor internet speed and wait for the 3D videos on whole day.

Best 3D Video Converter for HTC Vive Focus

I like the Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate best which I have used for many years, you can load the multiple videos to it, like the common videos, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, FLV, VOB, etc, you can load the DVD and Blu-ray disc, disc images to it too, this software can remove the most DVD and Blu-ray protections, such as: DVD and Blu-ray region code, BD+ protection, AACS protection, UOPs, etc.

You can get the multiple 3D videos from 2D videos, like the 3D MKV, 3D MP4, 3D MOV, 3D WMV, 3D AVI, etc. You also can choose the different 3D video effect, like the 3D Side by Side, 3D Anaglyph or 3D Top/Bottom. If you have collected many 3D Blu-ray discs and want to keep them for longer or send to your friends, you can get the digital 3D videos from the 3D 3D Blu-ray disc, 3D ISO images.

Getting the 3D videos, you not only can play them on the HTC Vive Focus, also can play them on other excellent VR headsets, like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift DK2 , Zeiss VR One, HTC Vive, etc. You even can save the 3D videos in USB flash drive and insert USB to 3D projector, create your own 3D home theater.

How to Get Free 3D Videos for HTC Vive Focus?

Step 1. Load videos (2D videos, DVD and Blu-ray)

After the 3D video converter installation and open it, you can add the videos by clicking "File", also can drag the videos to it directly. This software can support the common 2D digital videos, 2D DVD and Blu-ray discs, you also can load the 3D Blu-ray disc and ISO image.

Load video/Blu-ray/DVD

Step 2. Output 3D video format

Click "Format" and enter the output video format list, at the drop-down list, select the best 3D format from “3D Video”, here, the best option is: Choose the “MP4 Anaglyph 3D Video(*.mp4)”, of course, you can also the SBS 3D MP4 or Top/Bottom. 3D MP4 videos. 3D MP3 video is HTC Vive Focus best supported video formats.

Output PS VR accepted 3D Stereoscopic format

This 3D video converter also provide you the perfect video setting features, you can click “Settings” to open video setting window and adjust the output video codec, audio codec, video frame, video resolution, etc. When you want to adjust the 3D video effect, you also can change it.

This software has the built-in video editor, you can record the videos and create special 3D videos, you can add the funny subtitles to it, add the watermark to it, you also can cut the video clips you don't want. Download this 3D video converter and dress up the videos at will. (Free 3D Video Maker tools).

Adjust 3d Anaglyph settings

Step 3. Begin 3D Video Conversion

After the video option and settings are finished, go back to the main interface and click the Convert button to start the 3D video conversion.

After the video conversion, you can get the 3D videos from your PC drive, then you can play the 3D videos on HTC Vive Focus.

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