How to convert Blu-ray/DVD ISO file to USB Type-C supported format?

Diana Joan

Apr 13, 2015 09:18 am / Posted by Diana Joan

In years, though, USB is getting competition, and with the launch of the Apple MacBook and Google's Chromebook Pixel, USB-C (also called USB Type-C) is hitting market somewhat earlier than we initially expected. And more people would prefer USB-C for transferring or storing media sources. To put Blu-ray/DVD ISO to USB Type-C, you need to know the advantages of USB-C among all kinds of USB standards including USB Type-A and Type-B.

Convert ISO image to USB Type-C

Advantages of USB Type-C

Generally, version refers to the speed and functionality of the USB cable, while the USB Type refers to the physical shape and the wiring of the ports and plugs.

Differently from USB Type-A, a typical USB cable goes into a host such as a computer, and USB Type-B, the other end of a standard USB cable, plugs into peripheral device (such as a printer, a phone, or an external hard drive), USB Type-C is widely available starting 2015 which enables users to do away with an array of proprietary power adapters and USB cables, and moves to a single robust and tiny solution that works for all devices. In fact, the Type-C USB will significantly end up being the one plug to rule them all: A single USB connector that links everything from a PC's keyboard and mouse to external storage devices and displays.

Which Devices Support USB-Type C?

Google's New Chromebook Pixel, the aspirational Chrome OS notebook, also has USB Type-C ports. By saving digital files of DVDs to USB Type-C hard drive, you can simply play your favorite movies and videos on such USB Type-C supported devices anywhere anytime.

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How to Rip/Convert ISO to USB Type-C Digital Video?

To copy ISO image files on USB-C with USB Type-C plug/connecter, you should rip Blu-ray/DVD ISO to USB supported format first. A professional Blu-ray ripper is needed here to transfer your Blu-ray/DVD ISO to digital video file in order to guarantee the compatible with the new type USB and devices.

Pavtube ByteCopy, the best-seller from Pavtube Studio, can meet all the requirements you need for ISO to USB Type-C conversion. It not only saves Blu-ray/DVD ISO to USB-C in fast conversion speed, but also saves videos with high output image effect.

Step 1: Add Blu-ray/DVD ISO image file.

Free install and launch Pavtube ByteCopy on your PC. Click "Load IFO/ISO" button, browse to ISO file location and import ISO file to this app.

Import ISO image file

Step 2: Choose USB-C supported format.

In order to plug USB Type-C to different device, MP4 is mostly recommended as output format since it is widely accepted by most devices and players, good in video quality and modest in file size (with great compression rate).

Choose video format

Also, you can select particular profile for your device, such as iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 6/6 Plus and Samsung Note Edge from hundreds of built-in profiles.

Step 3: Start ripping ISO to USB-C.

Hit on the "Convert" button and ISO to USB Type-C ropy begins. After the Blu-ray/DVD ISO file is ripped to USB Type-C, the USB can be plugged into different devices for simple and smooth playback. In other words, you can enjoy the plug-and-play mode in a snap.

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