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Diana Joan

Dec 08, 2016 07:50 am / Posted by Diana Joan

As a free open-source multiplatform and multithreaded video transcoder, Handbrake boasts a wide range of features designed to help you get the most out of your digital media. The following article will 10 things you can do with Handbrake.

7 Things you can do with Handbrake

7 Things you can do with Handbrake

1. Rip DVD with Handbrake

Have a movie on DVD, but you want to watch it on your phone, tablet, somewhere else. You can "rip" that DVD -or turn it into a movie file on your computer -to play it wherever you want. There are a lot of ways to do it but the most simple use is use a program called Handbrake. Handbrake can only rip unprotected DVDs, but most DVDs you buy from the store have copy protection. To get around this, you'll need to install libdvdcss. Insert the disc into your computer, fire up HandBrake, click on Source, select the disc you want to rip, and then click Start - but you may well want to tweak the settings a little bit first.

2. Produce Preset Video for Various Devices

Handbrake offers various presets for different devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, Android Tablet and Windows Phone 8. Just click the "Options" on the right-bottom of the main interface, you will then be able to set the default presets or reset built-in presets. Usually the default preset is "Normal".

Also you can make your own presets suited to your specifications. If you don't want the presets, just click "Remove" to delete it. You can also delete the default preset, but when you load Handbrake the next time, it can be automatically re-created the next time.

3. Batch Convert Multiple Videos at Once

Sometimes you might want to covert several video files all at once to save time - a full season of your favorite television show. You can do that in HandBrake, but you'll need to do some setup beforehand. First, click through Tools > Options > Output Files, then click Browse on the Default Path field. Create a new folder for your converted video files to be stored in. 

Now, close the Options window and select your Source, choosing a folder with multiple files rather than just a lone video. Once HandBrake has scanned the contents of the folder, you'll be able to click Start and have it work its way through the queue.

Depending on the amount of video files you're converting and the specifications of your computer, this process could take some time - this task is best done overnight, or another time that you're not planning to be using your PC.

4.Add Subtitles to Movies with Handbrake

Subtitles plays an important role to help you better understand a foreign language movie. The good news is that you can easily add both soft and hard subtitle to DVD movies by using Handbrake.

Add hard subtitle to DVD movies

Step 1: Import the source DVD with handbrake.
Step 2: Click the "Browse" button to specify a destination for the output file.
Step 3: Click "Subtitles" tab on the main interface, on the subtitles extended panel, select your desired subtitle track from the drop-down list of "Source". If there are more than one subtitle tracks, make sure to make a test to ensure it is the right one you want.

Add software subtitle to DVD movies

Step 1: Download your favorite .srt or .sub subtitle file from the Internet.
Tips: Handbrake only supports to input .srt format subtitle file. You can use our program to help add SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles to your movies.
Step 2: Add source video to Handbrake.
Launch "Handbrake", click top-left "Source" button to import the video you would like to add soft subtitle.
Step 3: Attach soft subtitle to movies with handbrake.
Click the "Subtitle" tabs on the main interface, then press "Import SRT" button to embed external srt file to the movie file. You can add more than one soft subtitles to the movies by repeating the above process. Then select an output format from the right side window and click the top-left "Start" button to start the subtitle adding process.

5. Compress Big File Size with Handbrake

Can't fill up your phone or tablets with a bunch of big video file size due to the limitation of storage space on it. Don't worry, you can easily download Handbrake to compress large large video file size with the following steps:

1. Launch Handbrake, click the "Source" button to browse and select the large video file you desire to compress.
Tips: You are suggested to not change any of Handbrake's settings. All Handbrake presets can easily configure Handbrake to transcode your existing large video files to something better suited for your device.
2. Specify a preset for your output profile. Handbrake offers 9 option under the Devices presets including Universal, iPad, iPod, iPhone & iPod touch, Apple TV, etc. Choose one according to your own preference.
3. Click "Browse" button to define an output folder to store the converted video file.
4. Hit on the green "Start" button on top-left to start the video compression process.

The conversion time will depends on the size of your video file and the speed of your, when the conversion is over, you will get a video with much smaller file size.

6. Deinterlace video with Handbrake

As a free and open-source multithreaded transcoding app, handbrake allows you to deinterlace video in the following two ways:

Deinterlace video with Handbrake: In the middle interface of Handbrake, switch to the "Filters" tab besides "Picture" tab, under "filters" tab panel, click "Deinterlace" and from the drop-down list, select the way to want to deinterlace: Custome, Fast, Slow, Slower, Bob. This way is the fastest and simplest way to deinterlace video with handbrake, but you will sacrifice the video quality.

Deinterlace video with Handbrake Decomb: The decomb filter is also under "Filters" panel, it only handles visibly interlaced videos, so you don't need to check if the video is interlaced or not. "It won't destroy the detail in progressive sources the way Deinterlace will, and should be faster than 'Slow' or 'Slower', according to Handbrake wiki.

7. Denoise a Video

If you care much about your video quality, you can use HandBrake to denoise your file and thus increase its overall quality. In some cases, noise can be an intentional effect on the part of the filmmaker - but in others, it's an unwanted imperfection, and those are the cases where Handbrake can step in to sort things out.

o access HandBrake's denoising options, head to the Filters tab. You'll be able to select either NLMeans - short for 'non-local means' - or hqdn3d as your denoiser. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the sort of noise you're trying to address, so it's best to try out both to get an idea of how they work. The same goes for the preset and tuning options that you have access to, once you've selected one or the other.

Handbrake alternative for Media Entertainment

Although Handbrake can do so many things for you, however, it also has many disadvantages including not supporting commercial DVD movies, very limited output file formats option, a little out of date device preset options, compliated profile settings, etc. Here, a more simple to use but powerful media conversion tool - Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows/Mac (best video converter ultimate review) is recommended to you, the program can comprehensively convert commercial Blu-ray/DVD and also various digital file formats to any of your desired file formats or multiple device preset profile formats. The simple to use profile settings can assist you to get the best quality video and audio by flexibly adjusting those settings. The beneficial video editing function also enables you to get your desired output video by trimming video length, cropping video file size, splitting video file size, merging separate video into one, adding watermark, applying special rendering effect, etc.

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