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Pavtube DVDAid for Mac

Pavtube DVDAid for Mac Review

  • Gösta Karlsson Gösta Karlsson

    Free trial version works great

    1.) ____I needed a program for burning my videos to DVDs that I could play on a DVD player. 2. ) ____I had tried several other programs before but they didn't satisfy my needs and didn't work well. 3. ) ____I chose Pavtube because it was easy to understand and work with, had an easy editing tool and a quick burner. I appreciate that I can use both disc volume DVD5 and DVD9 and burn to TV system NTSC or PAL. I also like the fact that I can choose between Low, Medium and High Quality which affects how in time long DVDs you can burn. I have even burned a movie that was almost 4 hours long on a blank disc that normally only takes maximum 2 hours by using Low quality and the DVD that it produced was of acceptable quality. After starting the burning process I could leave my computer doing other things and then come back when the burning process was finished. That is also good. 4. ) ____I have had no problems with the program, but one time I thought I had a problem but I was wrong that time, more of which I wish to explain under point 6. 5. ) ____No, I am quite satisfied with Pavtube. 6. ) ____Overall satisfaction: If 5 stars is the best rating I will provide your program with 6 stars because a) The program is super b) When I believed that I had a problem with the program, your swift and accurate service through your Pavtube Customer Service was excellent! Your staff member Doris handled and answered my questions very quickly with great skillfulness and competence. She met my needs with a very kind treatment. This means for me that your company cares for their customers. I highly recommend Pavtube!

  • John John

    I like Free trial version , it works great

    Searched for a "movie countdown timer" and found several, to use in my DVDs produced on Mac -- then wanted to download, Google found your program, the "trial program" worked great, so I immediately bought the full version -- very happy with it.

  • Dale Dale

    Rip DVD to various popular media formats

    I am very pleased with the application, it exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with it. I am a web designer and I needed the application for one of my clients, who made a demo DVD of his profession but did not have the source video, he only had the DVD format but wanted to upload the content to Youtube. Your application worked like a charm.

  • Tristan Reyes Tristan Reyes

    Meet your high expectation

    Incredibly fast conversion and user selectable quality! Very satisfied!! I also love the way I am able to make the video quality brighter or darker and adjust the contrast.

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