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Diana Joan

Jan 04, 2018 02:05 am / Posted by Diana Joan

We all know the subtitles are important in a video which can help you to know a movie well, especially when you get a foreign movie, if you are not too familiar with the language, the subtitles are as important as the movie. It is not unusual for a player to support subtitles that come with a movie, in addition, when you download a video that is in a foreign language, say in German, and you need to add English subtitles to it to share with friends and family, how to do? You may need one powerful media player which can play the movies, allow you to add the subtitles to video, Elmedia can help you to finish these work.

Flow 1. Download the Perfect Subtitles

 you can download subtitles in different languages from the following websites: A very popular subtitle website, based in Indonesia. It offers a variety of subtitles in Indonesian and Arabic. This is a multi-language subtitle website that is easy to navigate no matter what your language is. Most users of this website are from Brazil and India. This website has a very tidy interface that makes searching for the right subtitles easy. The subtitle files offered are mainly in English. is famous for the variety of offered TV show subtitles. It also includes talk shows, Netflix shows, Hollywood movies, and the Hindi movies. This service may be a little limited as it only offers English subtitles. But this is a large resource with a great number of subtitles for shows and movies. Also it gets new subtitles constantly.

Flow 2. Adding Subtitles to Video on Mac with Elmedia

Elmedia is an excellent media player and easy to do, you can add the subtitles to video with Elmedia by the following steps:

Step 1. Download Elmedia Player and open it.

Step 2. Make sure you have subtitle file in the same folder with the video.

Step 3. Start the playback of the video in Elmedia. Subtitles will be loaded automatically.

Step 4. If you have SRT files in several languages, click “S” button a few times - each time the language of subtitles changes.

add subtitle to video

Tip: You can edit font, size, and color of subtitles in Preferences, Subtitles menu. If loading Japanese or Chinese subtitles, use WenQuanYi Micro Hei font. For subtitles in Arabic language use Arial or Arial Unicode MS. Restart the video to apply these fonts.

Best Way to Add Subtitle to Any Video

Some users feedback that some videos are not supported by the Elmedia due to the video format incompatibility, then they can't add the subtitles to video smoothly. Is there a better way to add the subtitles to video? Of course you can, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows is a video converter which allows you to input any videos, at the same time, you also can output any videos in different video formats. With the built-in video editor, you also can add the subtitles to video easily, if you like to edit the video and share the videos on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc, no doubt, this software is the right one you want.

You can get 300+ video formats, like the MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, MOV, H.264, etc, you also can get the better video by adjusting the video parameters, like the video codec, video frame, video bitrate, video resolution, for different audio effect, you also can adjust the audio channels and audio sample rate. For many new video editor, you will love this video converter, you not only can add subtitles to video, also can add watermark to video, add text to video, adjust the video background color, brightness, replace the music in video, you even can cut the video into clips, change the video aspect ratio, etc. No doubt, you need have a try and get the best video experience. Know more from the video converter reviews

How to Add Subtitle to Different Video

Step 1. Run this video converter and import your videos to it by clicking the "Add video" icon, you can drag the video to this software directly, you also can ad batch video conversion by adding the Folder which holds multiple video files.

add mp4 video

Step 2. Click "Edit" or the pencil icon edit-mp4-video to switch to the editing interface, where you can find multiple editing functions and "Subtitle" is just one of them. Click the "Subtitle" tab and check the "Enable" box to allow you to add SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles to MP4 videos. Then Click "Browse" to find and import the downloaded SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles.

how to add srt ass ssa subtitles to mp4 video

Step 3. Go back to the main UI and click "Convert" to start inserting SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles to your videos. If you want to get other video formats, you can click the Format and choose the video format you want, than click the Convert button to start the video conversion.


  1. SubRip files have an SRT extension. This is probably the most basic of all available subtitle formats and the most supported one.
  2. SRT files don't have any video data. It is all just text that can be edited in a text editor and is supported by the majority of media players.

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