iMovie Keeps Quitting Unexpectedly? Solved!

Diana Joan

Nov 20, 2017 03:12 am / Posted by Diana Joan

For video editing fans, iMovie is an excellent video editing tool which provides you the best video editing features. Some iMovie users feedback that when they try to open iMovie, it just comes up with a message that says: iMovie quits unexpectedly, what's happening? From the apple coummunity and some tests, we analyze this issue and provide the solutions for you.

Why iMovie Keeps Crashing

Cause 1: A computer program like iMovie cannot understand coded language but it has to be translated.

Cause 2: iMovie will remain operational even with mistakes having been detected. You will notice the iMovie skipping any detected errors and proceeding to the succeeding step without considering the impending consequences.

Cause 3: You might ignore some of the errors when programming but a crash will nail the point home that actually there was a problem you ignored. iMovie only crashes down when it is provoked. There must be a tangible reason for that to happen.

You Get These Solutions

  1. You can try the coded language that iMovie will understand easily. If the complier of iMovie is able to translate a code, you will not receive any error notification and the problem will be solved.
  2. iMovie version 10.0.4 is a minor point update released to resolve a lone issue that could cause the video editing software to quit unexpectedly. Along with the bug fix, Apple includes the usual stability improvements in its list of changes.
  3. Apple last updated iMovie for Mac in April, bringing new content sorting features and font options, upgraded titles and user interface tweaks to the consumer level video editing app.
  4. For iMovie version 9.0.6 or 9.0.7: You can update iMovie version to 9.0.8 which may resolve the issue. You can do this by choosing Software Update or App Store from the Apple menu, and then installing any iMovie updates that are listed.

Best Solutions for Solving iMovie Crashing Issue

If you still can't solve this trouble smoothly, you can choose other iMovie alternatives which can be stable and powerful, following we will recommend you some excellent video editing tools which you can install on PC easily, you can choose one you want and replace the iMovie.

No 1. Final Cut Pro X

If you are the fan of the Apple, Final Cut Pro X is a better option which is the Apple’s signature professional video editing software, with the solid organization tools, 64-bit and multi-core support, you don't worry about the video editing tool crashing issue. Best of all, for Mac user, Final Cut Pro X was made with you in mind and will fit almost any need you have.

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final cut pro

No 2. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro has released many versions, the Sony Vegas Pro 15 attracts many users' favourite which provides complete, modern editing tools and help you to edit the best video by your own need. Sophisticated filters and effects, audio production, and composition are all ready for you, just enjoy the videos in Sony Vegas Pro happily.

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sony vegas pro

No 3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing pack ages on the market, which you can edit the 360 VR content, 4K (and higher) and HDR video in it, and the Lumetri Color tool. It has also added class-leading collaboration capabilities. It is for professional-level video-editing software. Due to the Clear, flexible interface, ultimate power in video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro can be the perfect iMovie alternative.

premiere pro

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Benefit: Getting Best Video Editing Features in iMovie

There are too many video formats, not all the video formats can be supported by iMovie, such as MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, WebM, DivX, XviD, DVD, VOB, DAV, AVCHD, MTS, M2TS, MOD, TOD, MXF and some MP4, MOV, M4V. As known to all, video import is the fatal step for a nice video editing, you need to convert the video to iMovie supported video formats, one iMovie video converter is necessary.

In addition, when you can't edit the 4K video in iMovie due to the video frame, video codec, the iMovie video converter can do this for you. I highly recommend you the Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate which can be the best powerful video converter I have met, you can import the common video to it, like the MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, H.264, H.265, etc, you also can load the DVD and Blu-ray disc, ISO/IFO image files or the folder. Surprise: this video converter can be the best DVD ripper for you which can remove the DVD protection, DVD region code, DVD CSS protection, Blu-ray BD+ protection.

When you choose the iMovie supported video formats, you can get any iMovie acceptable video formats from the 300+ video formats, even you can get the digital DVD and Blu-ray movies and edut them in iMovie. For some iMovie beginner, you can choose the NLE software supported video formats form the device preset, you also can choose other NLE software, like the FCP, Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle Studio, Cyberlink, etc. Come with me and get the best skill.

1. This video converter is easy to install, open this software and drag the videos to this software directly, you also can load the common DVD, Blu-ray discs or3D Blu-ray disc, 4K Blu-ray videos to it too.

2. Click Format button and choose the video formats you want, like the MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. You also can review these video formats for better video playback, for example: You can choose the video players, TVs, Android devices, Apple devices, etc.

3. If necessary, you can take full use of the built-in editor and edit the video, you can cut the video, trim the video, split the video into some clips, you also can add the subtitles to video. In addition, you also can adjust the video aspect ratio for TV.

4. Go back to the main interface and click the Convert button to start the video conversion, jus few minutes, you can get the best video for iMovie.

Conclusion: From above information, getting the iMovie alternative is the best option, of course, if you have some video editing issues in iMovie, you can use the Pavtube video converter which won't let you down.

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